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July 24, 2004




Welcome to the Six Sox Knitalong. I'm glad you joined. Your one lone Cloverleaf sock looks great! Happy knitting!


great blog! I love you writing style it makes me smile!!! Sorry about you toe - I too am a Law and Order Junkie. I'm doing my last semester of honours right now and spend most of my time in front of the tv knitting and watching crappy murder mysteries. Kirby is also soooooo sweet. My dog just died and I miss her ALOT! if your knitting so much of her fur into your work you might like to check out some of the 'spin your own dog yarn' books on amazon. Rosie (my dog) would have been excellent for that but the spinning would have been a huge project for me to take on. I am way too busy watching TV and knitting : D


Thanks Kath! Law and Order is my favorite knitting TV. I tried spinning once, but decided that I have way too many hobbies already. Besides, Kirby's pretty small and it would probably take me too long to accumulate enough to spin.


Nice blog! Gorgeous socks and a very cute dog.

I have two little dogs, a Papillon mix and a Papillon. They always keep me company when I'm knitting.

And I should be knitting now instead of surfing the web. Gotta get those Cloverleafs done by the 31st. Looking forward to a more leisurely knitting pace with the Waves.

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