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July 29, 2004



Very cool car!

Hope you can relax and have a wonderful trip. And especially forget about work.

My Cloverleaf socks turned out too big also. I thought I was going to be knitting a pair of CIC socks on 36 stitches, but they fit me. Darn! I had to keep them for myself.


Oh you lucky, lucky girl. Agatha is adorable! I don't remember if I told you that my Rick is on the "list to get on the list" for a mini. Can't wait to eventually get ours. :sigh:


I am a lucky girl! We waited 7 months for Agatha. I had such a great time today. But gotta quit running around. Gotta pack!


Have a great trip!!!! Love the car- never have seen one- so cute! hugs, lisa


Congratulations on your new car. Agatha is adorable. Enjoy!!! I think you will like the Making Waves sock. I think it's easier than the CL. Have fun on your vacation. See you when you get back! :-)


How fun! Enjoy Agatha...what a great name for a super car!

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