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September 28, 2005



I have the Unst on my list! You're doing a beautiful job!


I like Bambino a lot.

You go grrl on that Unst shawl. I've been fantasizing about some of the Heirloom Knitting shawls but haven't ordered, yet. I'm going to attempt the Meditteranean shawl with cobweb and size 2 needles first. :) We'll see how I fare with teeny tiny yarn and needles and then move on to bigger things.


I'm impressed with the Unst! And the alpaca, too! I'm off to listen to the phone thing; I must be the last blog person to hear of it.


Yeek, that Unst is lovely. I tried it and fell flat on my face. There is some errata for this one I believe. It is on the HK site. I'd like to tell myself that is the reason I gave up on Unst. You go Girl! I am still piddling around doing nupps.

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