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April 27, 2009



Trying out my Mac! You're my first comment. I used to think like the financial planners re retirement - when will I have enough money to retire. With the economic downturn I realize I'll never have enough to retire so I'm choosing a date and will live with what I have. May have to rent out my house and camp out in B'Ham, but you'll be close by ;-) Unless you plan on escaping the Pac NW.


I LOVE the pillowcase that Isobel is laying on. Grace has that sweet blanket that mom made her for her birthday and it matches perfectly - I would love to know where they got it. (I *think* you and she were together when she bought the Hungry Caterpillar material - but I could be wrong)

I wanted to try to make a quilt for Seble and wanted to see if you'd help me (might be more of a challenge than you're willing to take on). I have been having trouble knitting for more than 5 minutes at a time - so I'm thinking that she'd be 30 before I could finish an afghan of any kind.


Sue Johnson

I know exactly how you feel. And, it is amazing how much more energy we have when we force ourselves out on that walk. Good for body and mind and doggy. I miss my knitting terribly, but it will be there when I have time. When's that? Oh yeah, September. Hang in there! And, you are doing a terrific thing for your sister-in-law. Care giving can be much harder on the giver than the recipient.


Lovely granddaughter photos are always appreciated - for whatever reason!


The sweater is looking good, and the picture of your granddaughter is adorable.


Love the photo of the girls; so funny the positions they can get into and still snooze peacefully!

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