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June 20, 2009



Au contraire- you look lovely in Hidcote!
Your camera is taking some beautiful pictures. Orange + lilies = two of my favorite things, so you know I love that photo too. What are the pink spikey flowers?
We're having fresh-picked strawberry shortcake today too, mmmmmm.


Lovely shawl and that new camera, wow! I've been woefully camera neglectful lately, this reminds me I need to do another yard tour.


Your shawl is beautiful! Have a good visit with the grandchildren.


Hidcote is gorgeous and looks so pretty on you (believe me, I know what you mean about modeled shots!!)
Your new beaded lace project is looking beautiful too - Have a great trip!


The Heart to Heart is so pretty! Love the pointy bits. And Hidcote looks wonderful!

Safe trip, and enjoy the grandkids!


So many pretty pictures! And more to come of the granddaughters, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful trip.


Lovely....flower photos, knitting, and modeling! (I know what you mean though, about the modeling). You always look great, so don't worry! I wish I enjoyed lace more. It's so beautiful, but I struggle so....especially with BG helping! LOL

Enjoy the grandbabes....and take lots of photos. Love seeing those smiles, and how they've grown. Have a great time!


The shawl is just gorgeous! That color is perfect for you. Have a great trip!


Delicious photos - strawberries and the shawl.


You look just beautiful in your Hidcote! Quit picking on yourself! :-) I think it may be a good thing that I don't know about that lace club! Sivia Harding designs incredible stuff. She's nice too, she found something I created from one of her patterns, on Ravelry and left me a nice comment! The garden tour sounds fun and I'm enjoying your photos with the new camera!


Hidcote looks beautiful--and I love that color.

Have a great trip.

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