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May 22, 2010



Lovely yarn. You could always do color work with it. I am horribly color-shy, so you can imagine what I experience when working with Ginny's fibers sometimes. Ones I pick out of her shop are always more "calm" shall we say. She really does have some beautiful offerings.

Your garden is looking great. DH gardens, and there's just nothing like getting fresh veggies out of the garden for dinner. Course by August, he's lost his mojo, and the heat gets the best of him, so it gets pretty weedy. But this time of the year, he really enjoys it.

Sue J.

Beautiful handspun! And so glad to hear the whole tooth ordeal is over. Hubby's garden is going to provide you with tasty veggies all summer. And what a surprise about the new office manager! I'd say you got out in the nick of time! Yes, you can surely be proud of your accomplishments there. It ran like a top, I'm sure.


Boy do I know what you mean about the black hole. I'm only on clue 4 of Evenstar, and since that last increase row, each row takes forever. I may never get to the beads on this one.

Try a Baktus scarf. I did the lacy version with about 500 yards of yarn, and it turned into a huge shawlette. With a couple hundred yards, it would make a nice little scarf.


That yarn is so pretty! Maybe if you make a 400yd scarf narrower? or shorter?

Love your garden too. Glad the critters aren't bellying up. :)


I may borrow your garden ideas and try square foot gardening and crop covers, now that we have pesty chickens.
I wonder if the new dentist realizes what he is doing to drive staff away. Sounds like he needs therapy and/or a Dale Carnegie course.


That is some pretty yarn. 320 yards isn't much but I'm sure you'll find the perfect pattern for it.

Still laughing about the mental image of you trying to bead on a plane with beads rolling around all over the floor. I'm not a plane knitter for even something simple. I board, stick my nose in a book, and don't come out again until the plane lands.


I started out with Square Foot Gardening, and you can get very nice yields using that approach. Even though I have more gardening space now, I still use some of the spacing advice in that book, as well as the ideas about succession planting. So long as you can keep the animals at bay, you should enjoy what you grow. If you encounter bug problems, try to put some spun row covers over the chicken-wire cage.

I think every project has a point where you knit and knit and feel as if you're getting nowhere, and then it looks like you'll be done in no time. When the shawl is done, you will forget about all this (and then act surprised when the next project seems to be progressing at a snail's pace)--that is what happens to me.


Dorothy - I need your new email address. i'm cutting and pasting a message I sent Beth.

Hey, Waite women - I want to float an idea with you. There are 11 weeks before Justin and Katrina's wedding. I am wondering if any of you would be interested in contributing your time and talents to a wedding afghan for them. I have always loved the pattern listed below:


If you are not on Ravelry, here is my description: The afghan has a large tree motif in cables in the center. There are 3 squares of a simple tree motif across the top and bottom. Running from top to bottom on the sides is a leaf motif. These motifs are filled in and around with several cable patterns. I have the charts for the trees. I have the yarn (15 skeins of Wool-Ease worsted weight in Fisherman colorway). I plan to do the trees. Would any of you be willing to do some of the cable panels? I realize time is short and we are all very busy people - so please be very honest with me. Have I left out any family knitters?

I am allowing myself the option of giving it to them on their 1st anniversary - in which case, I could probably complete it on my own.

Waiting to hear from you - Deb


The Calais Shawl takes 382, and it looks like an easy pattern to shorten. PDF available http://purlbumps.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/calais-shawl/

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