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February 24, 2011



I really got a deep chuckle out of your Isobel and neighbor boy stories about knitting/being old.

The quilts are so beautiful. Wow so is the lace advent scarf!


Aren't kids hilarious!!! Gotta love them! ;)

I hope you are enjoying your advent scarf. I really enjoyed knitting mine. I hope she does it again next year. I'll be lining up!

We have had a very mild winter, so I kind of am just a teeny itty bit jealous of that gorgeous white snow. We've only had 3 snowfalls worthy of shoveling....very unusual for us. Sofee does not share Maggie's enthusiasm though......


You must feel like you're back in RI!
Your lace projects are amazing. I think I'd need multiple lifelines in both of them.
The quilts look so pretty on their color-coordinated beds, and I'm sure Isobel 'will want to' snuggle under hers someday soon!


Your quilts turned out beautifully. It is funny what kids will become attracted to. My mother bought my son some expensive stuffed toys, but he preferred the little bear that I got for $6 and 10 labels from Beechnut juice.


So many pretty projects. The quilts are gorgeous and I'm super impressed with how tidy the girls keep their room.

Ten inches is plenty of snow. It's more than I want to have again this winter. So, guess I should be happy we're only supposed to get four to six inches tonight.


Great photos for sharing! Love the quilts. I did the advent scarf at Christmas time but stopped at wingspan. It was a treat between gift knitting.


Wow! all that snow. It's been pretty mild here this week.


We just got another (!) foot of snow yesterday. *sigh* I'm sooooo ready for spring...
Can't wait to see In Dreams all finished!


Wow! I love that Mexican Star quilt, and the Advent Scarf, okay, ALL your projects. :)

It drives me nuts that kids think knitting is for old folks - knitting is cool! Cool people knit! C'mon! lol!


I love your quilt and your lace scarf--they are beautiful!

And thanks for your Wow :)


Percy is a lovely pattern--it's amazing that it's free. And thanks so much for your compliments on my version!


Thank goodness I missed the snow!

Beautiful beautiful lace, as usual.

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