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February 06, 2011



Know what you mean about the seemingly endless gloom. Still, I'd love to trade you weather for a week.

We've had a little sun, but when the cloud cover lifts the "warm" air rises and temps drop down into the single digits and below. Mostly though it's just cloudy gloom and snow snow snow. It's so dreary I can't even get any good bird pictures.

Oops, this is turning into a weather whine. Better go now. Have a great week.:-)


Awww that added dose of puppy love is very sweet.


What a beautiful quilt! By the way, you are a winner.



My weather also is the "if the sun is shining it must be bitter cold out there" kind. Cloud cover is like a big fluffy blanket, keeping us warmer. (And occasionally dumping heaps of snow on our heads, but every silver lining has a cloud...)
Looks like you and the girls had a much more fun weekend than their folks!


That quilt is absolutely beautiful, Dorothy. I love it and the socks. You're right, it was nice to walk sans umbrellas for most of the week! It is fun to read to kids, isn't it, especially grands.


The quilt is beautiful and I can see why Mei-Mei approves! That is quality Grampa time; Isobel looks so proud of her shelf.


I'd say it is WAY better than "decent" - the quilting looks beautiful and the hearts are going to be perfect in the borders of your gorgeous quilt - lucky lucky little girl!

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