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May 04, 2011


Margaret Wagner

Dorothy - I love your purses! I'm going to be ordering a set for my daughter-in-law in waiting (wedding July 5), but I need to find out if she will be taking Wagner or keeping Stretcher for the initial. Also have a son's girlfriend that has done so many nice things - and she is crazy about zebra stripes if you think you might have anything like that. Love your blog! Oh - and it is Mother's 90th birthday on Friday May 13. I know she would love to get email.


My lovely notion bag arrived. Thank you so much.


Happy Birthday to DH and Isobel.

Why didn't DH get excited about his birthday? It's the only birthday where someone starts depositing a check in your bank account every month. That has to be a good thing.

Congratulations on your shop's success and for acheiving spring. This is the first time in my whole life when it turned May without leaves on the trees. Maybe tomorrow. The lawn needs mowing, but I'm not riding around the yard on that tractor until it hits at least 60 degrees.


That mug is precious! Happy birthday to both of them.


Love those tulip pictures! They're quite late this year, aren't they? Sounds like you had a really nice weekend. It was beautiful here today too.


Happy Birthday Wishes! Dorothy, I cant believe how big the girls have gotten!


May the little scientist have hours of fun on her bike! Don't we all go through a princess phase?


Thatsa lotta tulips...
Love your bags - glad your shop is doing well!


My scientist daughter remembers her first experiment when she sucked coke up her nose through a straw at macdonalds thinking since she could breath through her mouth and nose, she must be able to suck as well. Her high school teacher called her the physicist and that's what she does today. Good luck to your little scientist.


Those are lovely little bags. I'm still mulling over some small sewing projects as a way to use up some of the small bits in my fabric stash, and you've definitely inspired me.


As a scientist myself, I absolutely love it when young girls are excited about science! I only give my little sister science-related or educational type toys.
Those tulip fields are gorgeous! I didn't make it over to the coast for the tulip festival this year, but we are so going next year!
We're going to be visiting some relatives in Friday Harbor at the beginning of June, hopefully we'll be bringing Ponyo with us. Maybe she'll remember the area!

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