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September 11, 2011



I add my Awwwww- Mei-Mei is such a little doll with her dolly! Grampa comes through again, with pirate booty no less!


Awwwww... Such sweet photos.
The dollies look like fun to sew for. How about a little backpack so she can carry her new baby around?


AAAAhhhhhhh......How sweet! What a terrific day - for all of you! That pirate dig is pretty impressive too! ;)


Cute, cute photos, Dorothy! Your Mei-Mei must be the same age as our Sophia. Sophia got a Bitty Twin for her b'day also. I found a cute knitting pattern at Jimmy Beans, but haven't found any clothing ones yet. My sister thinks you can just use AG ones by adjusting the arm/leg lengths. Those are very cute outfits that you made! Hope your week is going well. Did your warm weather leave also?


That was certainly meant to be.

We rarely did traditional birthday parties for our three, but one memorable one was an Indiana Jones party on the beach with buried treasure and treasure maps.

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