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March 03, 2012



That's a fabulous shawl, Dorothy! And to think you can use stash yarn, awesome! Lots of floaters? Me, too. Bleh!
A new serger, eh? I've gotta get on the doll clothes bandwagon, too. So many things on my list....I sense yours is long also?


That shawl looks like a lot of fun to knit!
I think vision problems are incredibly scary - everything I enjoy in life requires my eyes. Hugs to you, and hoping for the best - whether it's healing or accommodation...


The shawl looks incredibly challenging to me, but you are a master.
A warning sign on the knitting needles-Knitters' Pride is taking no chances on lawsuits!
Great score on the serger and case.
Dorothy doll costumes will be fun- so would a Dorothy costume for a little granddaughter!
Very sorry to hear about your eye condition, and I hope all turns out well. Having been terribly nearsighted all my life, and now also needing to use reading glasses, I know how precious eyesight is.


Those slippers are adorable. Good luck with your vision issues.


Oh Yes! I had/have a vitreous separation in my right eye. Over a year ago. I know exactly what you are dealing with. So sorry..... :(


Memories of C's retinal detachment. When he was told that it didn't look bad he ignored the symptoms when they got worse. I know you won't do that.

We're now on baby watch ;)


What a beautiful shawl. Hope your vision problems don't interfere with your knitting. Sympathy.

Here's an important health tip - keep your spouse healthy! Since Bob died my body seems to be falling to pieces. Mentally and spiritually I feel strong and capable, but my body hasn't got the message.

Maybe I need some ruby slippers.:-)


That is an amazing shawl. Be sure to photograph your progress. And congratulations on the serger. You may be able to find the manual online. I have a terrible track record of remembering where my various manuals are and I'm constantly looking things up on the downloaded pdfs. It is also handy to have the electronic manual because it is easier to search than the printed one.

I have had vitreous detachments in both eyes (not at the same time), and they do resolve...mostly. I still have some large "light gray" floaters, but that is considered unusual and attributable to my being a "high myope." It is very unnerving when it happens. The important thing is to be sure you don't have a retinal tear, but it seems that you're monitoring your detachment---which is the best you can do.


don't you just love those 1st few rows of a new shawl? this is going to be a masterpiece!

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