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January 06, 2013



Your son's sweater looks great.

I've been thinking about AS's non-stranded sweaters or coming up with my own Gansey-style sweater, but that is down the road a bit. I think yours looks lovely. I'm not sure what you can do with the sleeve to adjust the knitting, but you might make it look a bit smoother if you steam block the underarm area on a sleeve board using an iron and pressing cloth. What yarn are you using?

I'm with you on the "no new hobbies," but I am flirting with the notion of using some of my smaller yardages of cotton fabric to make some quilted objects.


Love the quilt top! I'm learning to machine quilt this year for the same reason. I love to piece but a box full of finished tops does little to keep us warm and they certainly don't display well.

So far, so good. I enjoy machine quilting but am not really happy being so stationary. Love the portability of hand piecing and knitting.

Can't have it all, can we?



Enjoyed your recap, Dorothy. Your son's sweater looks great; awesome job on the zipper! Tried the sock link, but it didn't work; love that yarn! What half marathon are you going to run?


Your son is dashing in his new sweater! I think I'd probably leave the gussets on your sweater too, and not rip that much, but then I'm lazy.

I know what you mean about too many hobbies. I almost got sucked into getting a small loom last year, then came to my senses. Spinning and knitting are plenty for me.

Margaret Wagner

Dorothy, I certainly enjoy your blogs. Seems I got busy for a while, and I have not been on the computer as much. Love your projects, and seeing the pictures of your family. I've been reading a lot and have not picked up knitting needles for a LONG time. A friend and I were just talking about starting back. Seeing your projects encourages me, even if mine will be much more elementary in nature. Best wishes from Dallas!

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