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February 10, 2013



I am so jealous. Madrona and hanging out with Lorette.... awesome.

Good job deciding to leave the running group behind. I never joined one here because I'm very injury prone and I just knew I'd try to keep up with them instead of going at my own pace. I just knew I'd be safer and healthier if I didn't join in. Although I was highly tempted.

Claude Malone

Needless to say, your mother and are proud of you. Just stay true to your convictions.

Judy S

Have fun at Madrona! And good for you for doing what YOU want to; life's way too short to do stuff and not enjoy the process!


You made a good choice for you about leaving the running club. I prefer doing my biking and other exercise pursuits on my own to avoid such social stress, and just enjoy the feeling of being healthy and getting stronger without competition.

Your snowy vacation looks like great fun- I especially love the picture of Mei-Mei glued to her grampa's leg!

I had to look up 'Madrona'. Oooh, lucky you, I look forward to your report.


Great post and food for thought.

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