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April 27, 2013



It's those sharp elbows of his! Hopefully the patches will last longer. :)


One of my knitting group friends swears by that beader. So far I've invested in the tiny crochet hook, but I'd be eager to know how you find it works. I'm about to try beading for the first time on a small scale. I just love the look of beaded shawls, and I suspect they will become a habit.

Are you sure that the shoulders won't block out? The sweater and the yarn color are beautiful.

Judy S

Hmmmm...my post vaporized itself. Love your projects and the beader info. What cuties your GK are!


LOL it's 3:41a.m. and I can't sleep, but my brain must still be asleep. I thought, interesting, she named her walking stick, before realizing it was an insect. Ahhh, the ups and downs of knitting. I drove myself crazy trying to control the colours of self striping yarn on my last project. Always promise myself I won't do that.


I'm getting to like the beader too. I have a couple of very tiny steel crochet hooks that work with smaller beads, but they still only hold a few beads.

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