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April 20, 2013



Yay! I want a mini ipad corgi cover. Please!!!

Corgi Hill Farm


Ill get working on it. Any preferences on color?


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Judy S

Wow! You are going to be one busy gal. One of my friends crochets giant granny squares for blankets.


I like having the option of knitting or crocheting - more patterns to choose from and more yarn ;-)

Vera H.

The afghan is looking pretty. I have that same exact yarn to make another one.


I used to crochet a lot, too. The same Grandma who taught me to knit also taught me to crochet. I especially liked it for blankets and afghans, too!
Love your Dark and Stormy. And all the new bags!
(And I knew AnnaMarie would be in for a Corgi one!)

Vera H.

BTW, How much will you charge for the Knit Fast/Die Warm iPad cover. I have a large iPad, so it won't fit, but I'll use it for something else. A tote bag with design would be really cool as well.

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