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May 20, 2013



I also, went to 8 shops, all in Skagit and Whatcom county. The yarn for the project at Knot Just Yarn, and the project yarn from WildFibers, plus some Rowan sock yarn, a new sock yarn cam home with me.


Those are beautiful yarns, and I'm eager to see what you knit from them--especially the quicksilver and pewter beads. The item I'd most like to have is a yarn bowl because I like to ball up my own yarn (not use a winder). But when I think I might use those dollars for yarn instead, the yarn wins out.

Ugh. I can't imagine touching a critter like that. Give me a warm-blooded furry or feathered animal any day.


Nice yarns. I still haven't been on the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl, which had its 3rd anniversary in April. Something else always seems to come up, though this year my reason was that I shopped the Webs annual sale.

You look great in the vest!

No way would I touch one of those cockroaches! There was a teacher who had them as pets in his classroom. It always gave me the creeps going in there.


Good haul! I have a yarn bowl that I rarely use, I might have to haul it out and give it a try.

And thanks for linking to the yarn shops, I think. Some yarn from Knot Just Yarn might be on its way to my house.

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