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April 27, 2014



Now that you announced it on the inter web, you have to follow it through. :p And me? Competitive? Never!

Judy S

That's a great sweater? What's the pattern? Amazing how much yarn our little ones are taking now! Good luck on the Marathon....have you thought about Chicago? That one's pretty flat. Almost everyone from our family (not me!) did the half of that one in 2007. I can remember being at the finish of one in Seattle listening to someone complaining about the hills....they are steep here, that's for sure.


Glad you have decided to keep posting. I enjoy reading your blog. Found something on your blog for quilting that may work for me -- hoop and frame. Since I have lower back problems, sitting in certain chairs just won't cut it anymore. Hopefully, the hoop and frame in one of your earlier blogs will be the ticket.


As a non-runner (bad ankle wouldn't permit it, even if I wanted to), I admire your gumption!
Those quilt books look really inspiring. Enjoy!

Margaret Wagner

Oh Dorothy, how beautiful - quilt, girls and flowers. Happy May. Margaret

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