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April 14, 2015



Geology looks like a lot of fun to knit!
I'm admiring your applique tulips and envying your real-life tulips. We've mostly thawed out, but the flowers are barely starting to pop out. Can't wait!

Judy S

Sorry to hear about Maggie and hope she's all better soon. Love your tulip photos and quilting. You are an awesome appliquer! Great tulip photos; it's so fun to see them in person, isn't it?


The tulips are gorgeous, as are those not-so-little girls.

I'm sorry about Maggie! I hope she is all better. Lewey sends his get well wishes. He never gets bones, mostly because when we still had Riley, giving them treats like that would invariably lead to a bunch of growling and snarling. He even growled at the cat last week who happened to stroll by while he was eating an ice cube. Working on his food aggression issues is an ongoing process. He mostly gets little treats he can eat in one bite, and then only if he takes it politely. :-)

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