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February 28, 2016


Judy S

That's an amazing sweater! So glad it isn't black though. Where in Bellevue were you? I had no idea there was a Bluegrass festival in town or that you play the autoharp! What a fun thing to do on a very rainy day. It's great to see you posting again.


We have an autoharp, too. I had seen it at a garage sale when C was executive director of a camp and I thought it would be fun to have at camp. Six months later I knocked on the door of the garage sale people and asked them if they still had it. They did - at twice the price. It was still a good deal so I bought it. You've inspired me - need to get it out and tuned.

Andrea Saxton

Welcome to the festival. I've been going (and bringing my knitting) for 18 years. I think this was one of the best. Loved the Steel Wheels and always look forward to seeing and hearing Vasen. Happy knitting!


That festival sounds like it was the perfect weekend! I had no idea you played autoharp - good for you to go out and have fun with it! (I've seen pictures of autoharps, but have no idea how to play one. I might have to go do some research...)
Speaking of fun, that sweater looks like fun to knit. I do so love an unusual construction! Looking forward to seeing it when it's finished!

Kelly Wilbur

How fun! Glad to see you having a good time :-)

Marguerite Hammond

What fun you are having! Intrigued by that sweater enough to look it up on Ravelry. Would you knit it again? I haven't knit in a few years except to dink away on some basic socks, but things are settling down now and I'm tempted to start something more complicated.

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