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October 03, 2017



Lovely to read your blog. I have been inspired to do some quilting lately and it's very rewarding. Alas I am also a person living with disc problems. And haven't blogged for over a year because an update won't allow me to manage photos.
At least I'm back to enjoying others' blogs.


Thank you for commenting. So nice to know someone is reading the blog. So sorry to hear you're having disc problems. It can be miserable! Hope you find relief.


Have a blog reading app on my phone so it was a pleasant surprise when this popped it. Just wondering the other day if you were still knitting. Looking forward to seeing more of your fine work.

Kristen Chambers

Yes, Dorothy, I'm still here! I was happy to see your blog show up in my feed, and to hear what you've been up to. So sorry about your ordeal in the hospital, but glad that all is well now. Your quilts are amazing. I'm almost afraid to see photos of the granddaughters, it will make me feel very old!


I'm here, I'm here! Count me in on your updates. So glad to hear the worst is over backwise. We're back in B'Ham, so maybe we can meet halfway sometime for lunch.


I'm here! I love your quilts. I look forward to seeing what else you are doing.

Judy Shaw

I've missed you lots! Glad you are feeling better, too.


Just noticed your post! (I'd given up hope...) So good to 'see' you again!
I'm trying to get the hang of machine quilting, myself. I'm practicing on a quilt I'm making for myself, and I keep reminding myself that it's a learning project. My goal is to not rip out all the booboos-wavylines-oopsies and just feel happy with how far I've come. (That's if I ever get to the point where I think I've come far!)

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