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April 10, 2018


Marguerite Hammond

Those squares are gorgeous! First thing I've seen that I wanted to knit in several years. You did a beautiful job on them.


The squares are lovely! I’ve ripped almost whole projects out as well. It’s just yarn.

And I’m very glad we met through our blogs! Not a single knitter I’ve met has turned out to be an axe murderer (at least as far as I know of!).


Hi Dorothy! Great memories that you’ve brought back. I know we’ll get together again. And thanks for the vote of confidence from Lorette, lol. We’ll make a point of heading out to your hiking areas. We now have a little camping trailer and Fort Ebey is on our priority list. Always looking for reasonable hikes in the surrounding areas.

Kristen Chambers

Oh I totally agree that one shouldn't slog on with a project that just feels tedious. The new afghan looks much more appealing to knit.


Those Celtic squares look like a whole lot more fun to knit than that first project! Much better use of the yarn!
I remember back to those early pre-grandchildren days of your blog. (I'm always amazed by how big they are - it seems like only yesterday that you announced their births!)

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